Marking the Tec’s 80th anniversary, the Borregos women’s flag football from Santa Fe campus played against the Ottawa University Braves at the NRG Stadium in Texas.
By Marlene González - 09/11/2023 Photo Ana Karen Serna

The Tec’s Santa Fe campus women’s flag football team has won a friendly match against the Ottawa University Braves at the NRG Stadium in Texas with a score of 26-7.

In the first half of the game, held on September 8, the team in blue and white took the lead with the first touchdown of the night by Ana Paula Arzate.

One yard away from a touchdown against Ottawa, Borregos’ number 30 received the pass from quarterback Diana Flores, getting 6 points at the 12:40 minute mark.



But the game changed in a matter of minutes for the Mexican team when Alyssa Linkous made her Braves debut with a touchdown.

The Borregos women’s team took the lead again before the end of the first half with a play that started at the 3-yard line with a complete pass from the quarterback to player Ana Paula Arzate, making the score 13-6.

Alessandra Hernandez scored the extra point for the Santa Fe campus team.

During the second half of the match, Tatiana Dos Santos, Ottawa’s number 18, fouled Tatiana by blocking Diana Flores’ serve.

This gave the Tec team the opportunity to come back on first down and score their third touchdown at the 12:00 mark on a 2-yard run by the quarterback and Lili Cornejo.



With only 7 minutes to finish the game at the NFL stadium, a 17-yard pass from the quarterback into the hands of Cornejo brought Santa Fe closer to its next touchdown.

Abril Hernandez, number 23, closed the score with 6 points for the Santa Fe campus. Alessandra Hernandez scored the final extra point, leaving the score at 26-7.

At the end of the game, the Tec flag football team received recognition from the institution’s directors.


“The result is due to the attitude of the Santa Fe players.” - Fernando Nahara


The match was held prior to the Mexican College Football Showcase between Borregos Monterrey and Autenticos Tigres to mark Tecnologico de Monterrey’s 80th anniversary.

This was part of the 1st edition of the “Mexican College Football Showcase” (MCFS), a collaboration between the Tec, NFL, and Houston Texas to grow and promote college football.


‘It was better than we thought’

Fernando Nahara, defensive coordinator of the Borregos women’s flag football team from Santa Fe campus highlighted the effort and preparation made by the Mexican athletes for the match.

“I feel happy. In the end, we achieved what we set out to do for this match, and our efforts paid off. It was better than we thought.

“The Ottawa University Braves are a very big and strong team. The result is due to the attitude of the Santa Fe players,” said the coach.


The friendly match was held at the NRG Stadium.
El encuentro amistoso fue realizado en el NRG Stadium.


The flag football game in the United States was an opportunity for Diana Flores, world champion of the Mexican flag football team, to promote the sport.

“We must continue working as a team to keep promoting women’s sports and I’m very excited about the future of flag football,said the Tec graduate.

The Santa Fe campus flag football team has been a three-time CONADEIP Primera Fuerza national champion in 2018, 2019, and 2021, CONADEIP national champion in 2015 and 2016, and CONADEIP national runner-up in 2017 and 2023, among other achievements.




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