The Sustainable Development Initiatives Report includes more than 800 community-led actions taken by the Tec to support society.
By Mónica Torres | National News Desk - 08/18/2022 Photo Shutterstock, Javier Giorgetti

The social impact activities presented by Tec de Monterrey in its second Sustainable Development Initiatives Report (2020-2021) include a total of 820 actions, projects, and programs.

This document includes initiatives from the Tec ecosystem that have actively benefited vulnerable populations and/or minority groups, as well as social organizations, businesses, government, and the general population.

“Through the passion and commitment of our students, faculty, staff, graduates, and external partners, Tecnológico de Monterrey is an institution that actively participates in transforming our country,” said David Garza, the Tec’s Rector and Executive President.

The report explains that the Tec’s actions have impacted more than 250,000 people and provided educational material to more than a million users. Among other actions, it has also planted more than 1,800 trees and collected more than 11 tons of garbage.

It also reveals the progress made by Tec de Monterrey in meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (UN).



Sustainable social, environmental, and economic development

According to Cynthia Villarreal, Director of Outreach and Social Impact at the Tec, the United Nations 2030 Agenda served as an important framework for the initiatives presented in the report.

“Taking into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their 169 integrated and indivisible targets, it addresses the three main issues facing humanity in social, environmental, and economic areas,” she said.

She also said that the report reflects the commitment and co-responsibility of the Tec de Monterrey community regarding sustainable development.

“It’s very inspiring to read each one of these 820 initiatives from all over the country and the spirit of collaboration with which they’re carried out.”

This is how the Tec community set out to join forces in order to achieve a sustainable, peaceful, prosperous, and equal future. Inés Sáenz, Vice President of Inclusion, Social Impact, and Sustainability, had this to say on the subject:

“We hope this report opens up opportunities that strengthen and broaden its reach and it inspires more people to join together in taking actions that enable a sustainable future.




Actions towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The 2020-2021 Sustainable Development Initiatives Report includes the activities of Tec de Monterrey, TecSalud, and Tecmilenio, with actions related to education, accounting for 34% of the initiatives, standing out.

After those come social actions, at 15%; social entrepreneurship actions, at 13%; and student groups, at 12%.

According to the document, the total number of the Tec’s SDG initiatives are as follows:

  • No Poverty – 29 initiatives
  • Zero Hunger – 53 initiatives
  • Good Health and Well-being – 119 initiatives
  • Quality Education –218 initiatives
  • Gender Equality – 53 initiatives
  • Clean Water and Sanitation – 22 initiatives
  • Affordable and Clean Energy – 8 initiatives
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth –56 initiatives
  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure – 4 initiatives
  • Reduced Inequalities – 34 initiatives
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities – 45 initiatives
  • Responsible Consumption and Production – 37 initiatives
  • Climate Action – 57 initiatives
  • Life Below Water – 5 initiatives
  • Life on Land –28 initiatives
  • Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions – 30 initiatives
  • Partnerships for the Goals – 22 initiatives


Results and impact in 2020-2021

According to the data presented by Villareal, a total of 198,972 people benefited during the period from 2020 to 2021 through training, mentoring, workshops, and conferences, among other actions.

What’s more, the material from these initiatives reached just over a million recurring users, who consulted information on education, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and COVID-19.

“One thing to highlight about the context of this report is that a pandemic occurred during this time frame, which makes the achievements more commendable, and we’re excited to be able to share them,” added Rector David Garza.


“We hope the report opens up opportunities that broaden its reach and it inspires more people to join together to achieve a sustainable future.” - Inés Sáenz.


With regard to the medical sector, 64,317 health services were offered, such as consultations, analyses, surgeries, and prostheses to more than 29,000 patients.

In 2020, together with partners from the public and private sectors, 275 hospitals in 32 of the country’s states were equipped with 500,000 personal protection kits.

In the environmental sphere, 11,864 kilos of waste were collected, and 4,036 trees and plants were planted.

“With this type of report, we seek to give visibility to the work that’s carried out, recognize our community and partners, spark connections, and above all, inspire more people,” Villarreal said.



The Tec community united for a sustainable future

According to Cynthia Villareal, the impact made by the initiatives mapped out in the document was thanks to collaboration by the Tec community in its three institutions.

“This was quite an intensive exercise in which Tecnológico de Monterrey, TecSalud, and Tecmilenio actively participated,” the director explained.

She said that other members of the Tec ecosystem also joined in, such as PrepaTec, Student Leadership and Education, and Community Service.

“All areas, all campuses, all regions really made an effort in trying to reach every part of the country, everywhere Tec de Monterrey goes,” said Villareal.

This document highlights the work of those leading the initiatives. The greatest number of these were coordinated by faculty, who represented 37% of the participants, and staff, at 33%. These were followed by students, who led 20% of the actions.

The Director of Outreach and Social Impact said that 585 of the 820 initiatives were carried out thanks to national and international partnerships with civil society organizations.

“200 of those 585 initiatives achieved international connections. At national level, they were able to impact communities in 29 of the 32 states of the republic,” Cynthia Villareal concluded.








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