The Tec’s 9th International Conference on Educational Innovation has an agenda of more than 500 experiences to identify opportunities for education
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January 16 marked the start of the International Conference on Educational Innovation (CIIE), a space for sharing trends and practices that are revolutionizing the world of education, which is being held at the Tec’s Monterrey campus.

“CIIE is a valuable opportunity to reflect on the value that educational innovation has for the development of nations,” said José Escamilla, Associate Director of the Institute for the Future of Education at Tec de Monterrey, during the opening of the ninth annual CIIE.

For 2023, CIIE offers an agenda of more than 500 experiences for reflecting on the trends, opportunities, and challenges offered by the education of the future, added Escamilla.

These activities will focus on themes such as: Educational Trends, Technologies for Education, and Educational Innovation Management.

“This conference will also provide opportunities to connect with experts, colleagues, and researchers, as well as innovate through tools and best practices,” highlighted Escamilla, who is also President of CIIE.



Notes from the first day of activities

- Sharing 5 paradigm shifts in continuing education

After the inauguration ceremony, Michael Fung, Director of the Institute for the Future of Education at Tec de Monterrey, shared 5 paradigm shifts for revolutionizing the education of the future.

Fung gave the inaugural keynote speech entitled Transforming Higher Education and Lifelong Learning.


Rectors from La Tríada give their vision for education in Latin America

Rectors from the alliance of private Latin American universities known as La Tríada discussed their vision of what’s in store for higher education.

Juan Pablo Murra, Rector for Higher Education at Tec de Monterrey; Raquel Bernal, Rector of the University of Los Andes in Colombia; and Ignacio Sánchez, Rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, shared ideas in the panel “La Tríada: The University of the Future.”

The most promising EdTech startups in Latin America

Taking part in this panel were Lissy M Giacomán Colyer, Co-founder and CEO of Vinco; Julián David Melo, CEO of Ubits; and Juanita Ordóñez, Co-founder and Growth of PROtalento. Patrick Brothers, Co-CEO of Global Impact Intelligence Platform HolonIQ, was the moderator.

The panelists discussed the challenges of finding investors for educational areas but highlighted the value of partnerships and giving people real value.

“The big talent lies in being disruptive,” said Ordóñez.





- STEM education in Latin America

Nina Smidt, Director and Spokesperson of the Board of Siemens Stiftung, gave a talk entitled STEM Education and Citizenship: LATAM STEM Network, United toward a Common Goal.

In this keynote speech, Smidt stressed the importance of education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in Latin America.


- Innovation in continuing education

Stephen W. Harmon, professor and Director of the Center for 21st Century Universities at Georgia Tech, gave a talk entitled Innovation for Access to Lifelong Learning: A Changing Role in Higher Education.

“The number of technological advances in 2013 happened every 20 seconds during 2020,” said Harmon.



Trends and practices in educational innovation

This year, CIIE is bringing together professors, academics, and education professionals from more than 36 countries on the Tec’s Monterrey campus.

CIIE has become a very important international conference for advancing efforts to transform higher education and lifelong learning,” added Michael Fung, Executive Director of the Institute for the Future of Education.

At the opening of CIIE, he emphasized the importance of bringing together academics, policymakers, business owners, and industry leaders to create joint solutions to the most pressing educational problems of our times.

The topics to be discussed include the importance of access to education and an emphasis on promoting STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) everywhere.

Nina Smidt, Executive Director and Spokesperson for the Board of Siemens Stiftung, will be one of the keynote speakers on the subject, discussing “The Importance of Allowing Free Access to Digital Resources to Foster STEAM Education through Local and Global Solutions.”

Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President and Provost for the University of Toronto, will attend this ninth annual CIIE. One of the areas she will focus on is the importance of addressing support for young people’s mental health.

It’s time to create a more flexible pedagogy so that students have more educational options (in-person, online, and hybrid). In these moments of recovery, we have to augment our learning experience,” said Regehr at a press conference.

Speaking about the future, Michael Fung said that educational institutions should become more agile:

“As changes occur, we have to keep adjusting and adapting to them. That implies embracing change and innovation and developing our collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

He said that the urgent skills include resilience and adaptability as students face an uncertain future.


Activities and experiences at this ninth annual CIIE seek to:

  • Identify the trends, challenges, and opportunities occurring in the current world of education.
  • Propose new teaching-learning methods and tools needed by new generations.
  • Promote the creation and strengthening of a multidisciplinary network of specialists who exchange experiences, best practices, and make valuable propositions.

You can consult the full program and register for the event through the official website of CIIE 2023.

“This conference offers the opportunity to learn about the trends, opportunities, and challenges that education offers us.”


About CIIE

The 9th International Conference on Educational Innovation (CIIE), organized by Tec de Monterrey’s Institute for the Future of Education, is a space for sharing trends and practices that are revolutionizing the world of education.

Since 2006, it has helped innovative people to improve education, making an impact on about 2 million people in 40 countries.

From January 16 to 18, CIIE offers keynote speeches and panels, special events, presentations, networking sessions, sponsored events, and other events that are aimed at teachers, academics, graduates, and the general public.

During the inauguration of CIIE 2023, it was announced that its name will change next year to: IFE Conference 2024.




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