Cheryl Porter imparte masterclass en campus Hidalgo y comparte para CONECTA 5 tips para utilizar la voz
By Yael Becerra | Hidalgo Campus - 02/13/2023 Photo Yael Becerra

“We all have a voice. If you don’t know how to use it correctly, you may think you don’t have one. However, the reality is that you just don’t know how to use it,” said Cheryl Porter in the masterclass she gave at the Hidalgo campus.

“We chose Cheryl because she has the skills to connect with students, to inspire them, and we knew that the attendees were guaranteed to have an incredible time and enjoy themselves,” explained Brunos Cardoso, head of Art and Culture at the Hidalgo campus.

The vocal coach, who has more than 14.5 million followers on TikTok, shares for 5 singing tips with CONECTA that anyone can follow:



1.- Project your voice and make yourself clear when speaking.

Cheryl explains that “singing is a lot like public speaking.”

“Singers are often afraid of their voice, but they have to understand how to project it,” Porter says about the importance of voice volume.

In order to modulate the voice, the vocal coach says, “Imagine that you’re trying to get someone’s attention, that your voice has to cross from one side of the room to the other.”

Cheryl says that people have to get used to hearing their voice, as many of us are afraid of how we sound.

“When you get used to your voice and accept it, then you are ready to help other people find theirs,” added Porter.


2.- Avoid tripping over your words when speaking.

Porter recognizes that anyone can have problems with their diction.

Cheryl suggests doing articulation and warm-up exercises before speaking in public or when you trip over your words.


“It’s an exercise in bravery, an exercise in believing in yourself.” - Cheryl Porter


“We have to relax our jaws,” said the vocal coach about articulating words.

Similarly, Porter emphasized the importance of moving your tongue and articulators when engaging in conversation, speaking in public or singing.


3.- Stage fright

“The fear will never go away: you’ve got to understand that it’s something we have to live with,” the singer pointed out.

Cheryl focuses her training on recognizing you’re scared and understanding that the fear may never go away.



“Being scared is not an excuse to not go on stage; you have to do it,” Cheryl added about dealing with stage fright.

Porter said that “When you accept fear and take it by the hand, it’s easier to handle than when we deny it.”

The vocal coach stressed the importance of using breathing and relaxation exercises to combat nerves when on stage.


4.- Using your voice for long periods of time

“Cooling down the voice is important; it’s just like stretching after going to the gym,” added the coach about good vocal practice.

“If you don’t cool down your voice, it could feel tense and that’s not good,” Cheryl underscored.




“Don’t wait until you have to give a performance to begin preparing,” Porter explained.

Cheryl stressed the importance of always practicing and being prepared and ready for any situation as we never know when an opportunity might present itself.

“Someone might call tomorrow and ask if you’re ready to audition, and you might not be,” the singer added.


5.- Tell your story

“You can look up to someone and use them as a role model but never forget that you’re special too,” Cheryl stressed.

The singer shared that “we all have a story to tell”, as well as the importance of conveying it both on stage and through our actions.



“It’s an exercise in bravery, an exercise in believing in yourself,” added the voice coach.

“Even if you’re afraid or doubt yourself, always tell your story. You are valid and important, and the world should know it,” Porter concluded.


About the masterclass

Vocal coach Cheryl Porter gave her masterclass at the Hidalgo Campus on February 2 in front of approximately 200 participants.

Bruno Cardoso, head of Art and Culture at the Hidalgo campus, said that “Cheryl Porter is a vocal coach who has worked on many projects, has sung with Andrea Bocelli and Mariah Carey, and is the creator of the Cheryl Porter Method for singers.”

Student participants in the masterclass belonged to the Art and Culture groups at the Toluca, Querétaro, Morelia, Aguascalientes, Puebla, State of Mexico, and Hidalgo campuses.




Cheryl Porter, vocal coach, analizando a cantante mujer.Cheryl Porter en el escenario bailandoCheryl Porter, con cantante, analizando tono con herremienta especializada
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