This is the first of several spaces to be set up on Tec campuses that are 100% focused on the seven dimensions of the integral wellbeing model.
By Daniella Carmona | Estado de México Campus - 04/18/2024 Photo Fernanda Rodríguez

Almost two and a half years since its inception and design, Tec de Monterrey has unveiled its first Wellness Gym, on the Estado de México campus (CEM).

This new CEM space became the first Tec campus to have a gymnasium 100% focused on the work of the institution’s integral wellbeing program. In the future, more on-site locations of this national initiative are expected to open on different campuses.

This space for students, located on the first floor of Building 9, is equipped with the necessary tools to develop the seven dimensions of wellbeing.


“Let’s use this space to connect with our heart and spirit.” - Verónica Pedrero


“This is an accomplishment for the campus, which is committed to launching projects that help us continue to empower our students and promote their wellbeing,” said Luis Raúl Domínguez, Dean of Student Leadership and Education.

“Take advantage of this space, because it’s our commitment as an institution to your personal development,” said Rashid Abella Yunes, Vice President of the Mexico City Region.

The program was initially launched virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Exercising the mind, intellect, and spirit

The Wellbeing Gym has five workstations that allow you to work on seven dimensions of wellbeing: emotional, physical, social, occupational, financial, intellectual, and spiritual.

Short activities will be offered and monitored by specialists from the Student Wellbeing department, allowing students to work on more than one dimension at a time to strengthen emotional, social, and even vocational issues.

“The intention behind the Wellbeing Gym is that each activity has a reflection, which is why they’re short activities. This encourages students to engage in introspection,” said Miriam Nava, Director of Student Wellbeing at the Tec’s State of Mexico Campus.

“There will always be a psychologist at each station to guide them through the activity,” she added.


“It’s a privilege for us as a campus to have this space.” - Miriam Nava


The seven dimensions of wellbeing

Dance classes, fitness, meditation, and social challenges are some of the activities that can be enjoyed in each area:

  • Flex ágora:

An open space in the style of a forum equipped to host those who want to reflect on their vocation, professional development, or improve their financial skills.


En la Flex Ágora se trabaja la esfera ocupacional del bienestar. Fotos: Fernanda Rodríguez.
Tec CEM inaugura nuevo Wellbeing Gym


  • Wonderlab


This room will have tables for individual or collaborative work on creative activities focused on emotional management and development.



El Wonderlab está dedicado a la esfera emocional del bienestar. Fotos: Fernanda Rodríguez.
Tec CEM inaugura nuevo Wellbeing Gym


  • Punto Blanco


This gymnasium is the new space for Punto Blanco, an area for quiet and reflection, which aims to nurture the spiritual dimension.



The Wellbeing Gym is the new space for Punto Blanco. Photos: Fernanda Rodríguez.
Tec CEM inaugura nuevo Wellbeing Gym


  • Spark Room



Through mobility and coordination activities, students will be able to work on their mental and physical wellbeing.



The intellectual and physical dimensions can be worked on through playful activities. Photos: Fernanda Rodriguez.
Tec CEM inaugura nuevo Wellbeing Gym


  • Active Zone

Ambientado como una zona de juego, esta estación está dedicada a promover la salud física. Con trampolines y pasamanos en donde las y los estudiantes pueden tomarse un tiempo para trabajar la movilidad corporal.


Short physical activities can be performed in the Active Zone. Photos: Fernanda Rodríguez
Tec CEM inaugura nuevo Wellbeing Gym


“If we pay attention to these areas and exercise them, we will achieve fulfilment and a different way of living.

“Let’s use this place as a space to connect with our heart and spirit,” concluded Verónica Pedrero, General Director of theEstado de México campus.










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