On June 2, citizens will be able to access the tec.mx website to view preliminary information about the electoral results in real time.
By Luis Estrada | CONECTA National News Desk - 05/24/2024 Photo AFP

This June 2, Tec de Monterrey‘s official website (tec.mx) will become a source for following the progress of the 2024 federal elections, with real-time viewing of the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP).

“The Tec is making an extraordinary effort, unlike any it has made before, to support the electoral authority in the face of a historic challenge as important to the life of the country as these elections,” said Eduardo Esteban Romero Fong, National Director of Government Relations.

“This means that anyone who accesses the Tec website will be able to view the progress of the vote count and the preliminary results of the federal elections in real time,” explained Ana Georgina de la Fuente, Legislative and Institutional Affairs Manager at the Tec.

The collaboration represents a milestone for the Tec since it’s the only private university in Mexico to be selected for this role of PREP publisher during the federal elections.


“Anyone who accesses the Tec website will be able to view the progress of the vote count and the preliminary results of the federal elections in real time.” - Ana Georgina de la Fuente


What is PREP and how does it work?

Romero Fong explains that the PREP is a program that was developed by the National Electoral Institute (INE), describing it as exceptional and the only one of its kind in the world.

He added that it has been successfully managed by the INE for years, providing preliminary results on the same day as election day.

The PREP will be activated once election day concludes and the tally and vote counting begins.

Through a specialized computer system, data is captured from the counting reports generated in each of the polling stations set up throughout the country.

This data is instantly and securely sent to an IT center, where it is processed and tabulated in order to generate preliminary results.

The institution has previously participated in local elections in Nuevo León, but this is the first time it has participated in federal elections, said the Tec’s Legislative Affairs Manager.

This means that the Tec is joining a network of PREP publishers, mainly including the media and academic institutions, which replicate the results without manipulating, modifying, or interpreting them.


Securing and shielding preliminary results

To ensure that tec.mx could publish information from INE, technical experts have worked together hand in hand since May 5, explained Alejandro Guajardo Moreno, Data Center Operations Specialist at the Tec’s Monterrey campus.

Guajardo pointed out that drills have been carried out to perfect communication and server details.

He added that the INE will provide a service that uses different encryption keys, validated with an exclusive key provided by the Tec.

On election day, the Tec will reproduce official information from the electoral institute in real time, thus providing access to the preliminary federal election results for voting on the presidency of the Republic, federal deputies, and senators.


The INE’s technological capacity needs to be supported to ensure prompt and adequate publication. Image: Pixabay
Seguridad durante jornada electoral


Guajardo Moreno thanked Microsoft for its support, which has allowed the Tec to be the first institution in Mexico to have access to its Data Center that will open in Querétaro, as well as cybersecurity company Imperva.

“The Tec will not only serve as a mirror to publish the results, but it will guarantee that the entire supporting technological infrastructure is up to the task,” said Romero Fong during an interview with CONECTA.

This June 2 is expected to be the largest election in Mexico’s history.

With almost 100 million citizens registered, the INE’s technological capacity needs to be supported to ensure prompt and adequate publication, said Romero Fong.

“It’s an unprecedented effort to support the electoral authority, ensuring that the population is promptly informed about who could govern for the next six years,” he added.


What will we be able to see on tec.mx on June 2?

On June 2, Mexican citizens within and outside the country will be able to access the tec.mx page to obtain preliminary information in real time about the electoral results.

It’s important to note that the link won’t be active until the afternoon of June 2, once the PREP gets underway.

Therefore, the time to access the preliminary results will be on Sunday, June 2 at 8:00 p.m., to coincide with the closing of the polls in northwest Mexico, at https://prep.tec.mx

“This access to electoral information through the Tec provides the community with a unique opportunity to closely follow the electoral process,” stressed De la Fuente.


Being a PREP publisher benefits the Tec by promoting civic culture.
Tec.mx, el sitio oficial del Tec de Monterrey

How does being a PREP publisher benefit the Tec?

The Tec’s Legislative and Institutional Affairs Manager says that being a Preliminary Electoral Results Program publisher benefits the institution in several ways:

- Promoting civic culture

As the Tec has a long tradition of promoting civic culture, being a PREP publisher strengthens this commitment by providing the community with a tool to access key information during the electoral process.

This encourages citizen participation and strengthens democratic values in society.

- Collaborating with electoral authorities

Its close collaboration with the INE and the Federal Electoral Tribunal positions the Tec as a reliable ally for promoting and organizing electoral processes.

This association reinforces institutional credibility and demonstrates the Tec’s commitment to transparency and democracy.

- Reaching beyond campuses

By publishing PREP results, the Tec expands its reach beyond its internal community.

The availability of electoral information on its platform enables both the Tec community and the general public to access relevant data about the electoral process, contributing to greater civic awareness in society.

- Supporting Tec graduates

This collaboration with INE includes initiatives to inform Tec alumni about electoral processes, such as the deadline for voting abroad.

Finally, the National Director of Government Relations emphasized the importance of the Tec’s participation in the 2024 electoral process:

“Tec de Monterrey contributes significantly to the holistic education of its students, instilling civic and ethical values. It’s vital that our students understand their institution’s commitment to democracy and the future of Mexico,” he concluded.


Which positions will people vote on in the 2024 elections?

On June 2, Mexican citizens will vote for just over 20,000 positions of public office in the country’s 32 states, including:

  • 1 President of the Republic
  • 128 Senators
  • 500 Deputies
  • 8 Governors
  • 1 Head of Government
  • 31 Local Congress Members
  • 1,580 Local Councils
  • 16 District Mayors
  • 24 Municipal Councils

According to information published on the National Electoral Institute’s website, 626 of these positions are federal positions such as 1 presidency of the Republic, 500 deputies, and 128 senators.

At the state and local level, the elections include just over 6,700 positions, including positions for governor, district mayors, local councils, and municipal councils, among others.

Please click here for further details about the positions of public office that will be voted on in these local, state, and federal elections.




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