This partnership includes actions to promote democratic development in the run up to the 2023-2024 Federal Electoral Process
By Susan Irais | Redacción Nacional CONECTA - 09/13/2023 Photo Kevin Chaires

Activities aimed at strengthening civic interest in democratic life will be launched thanks to the collaborative partnership established between Tecnológico de Monterrey and the National Electoral Institute (INE).

The agreement was signed by Guadalupe Taddei Zavala, President of the INE’s advisory council, and David Garza Salazar, Rector and Executive President of the Tec.

Activities related to the Federal Electoral Process (PEF) 2023-2024, gender perspectives, and civic education will be undertaken in order to promote democratic development.

Furthermore, the collaboration will delve into fields such as process re-engineering, new methodologies, specialized training, technology transfer, and the consolidation of the National Electoral Professional Service: all with the aim of promoting institutional development in Mexico.


Both the Tec and the INE committed to developing joint actions in order to strengthen civic interest in democratic life.
Firma del acuerdo de colaboración entre el INE y el Tec

“We’re convinced that permanent technological change and the development of knowledge must be the foundation for the creation of policies and programs which strengthen institutions,” Garza highlighted.


Actions that will occur as a result of the collaboration agreement

The collaboration agreement between the INE and Tec de Monterrey includes actions such as:

  • Collaboration in the scrutiny and counting of votes cast by Mexicans living abroad.
  • The exchange of strategies focused on gender perspectives.
  • The possibility of hosting debates between candidates.
  • Tec participation in the Preliminary Electoral Results Program and electoral observation program.
  • Contributions to strengthening the National Professional Electoral Service.
  • The promotion of citizen knowledge and involvement within the National Electoral System, as well as an institutional link with Local Electoral Public Bodies.


Guadalupe Taddei Zavala, President of the INE’s advisory council, and David Garza Salazar, Rector and Executive President of Tec de Monterrey.
Firma del convenio INE-Tec por Guadalupe Taddei Zavala, consejera presidenta del INE y David Garza Salazar, rector y presidente del Tec de Monterrey. 

“By collaborating with public and private institutions in the social sector, the INE is able to validate its work to promote democracy. Inclusion is crucial to providing clean elections to citizens,” highlighted Taddei Zavala.

Garza Salazar believes that the Tec will be able to renew its commitment to democracy through this partnership.

“We believe that the electoral process, and the right to vote, makes us all equal. It also constitutes the most powerful tool we have, not only to decide who occupies public positions, but also to effectively exercise active citizenship,” he noted.


Democracy and young people

Arturo Castillo Loza, a member of the INE’s advisory council, notes that this partnership is aimed especially at young people.

Democracy is a collective construction, which is why young people are fundamental to it.”

15 million of the 96.7 million people eligible to vote are aged between 18 and 24 years.

According to INE statistics, that means 15.5% of the total is made up of people of university age.

“So, it’s essential to build partnerships between electoral authorities and different partners in education and academia.”

According to the President of the advisory council, INE delegates will be visiting Tec classrooms to promote these activities as part of the partnership.


“The right to vote is the most powerful tool we have to effectively exercise active citizenship.” - David Garza


Among the actions that this agreement will promote are electoral observations and the exchange of strategies focused on gender perspectives.
Firma de colaboración entre INE y Tec de Monterrey

The history of collaboration between the INE and Tec de Monterrey

This is not the first collaboration agreement that the INE and Tec de Monterrey have signed. Since 2006, Tec has partnered in the counting and registering of votes cast by Mexicans abroad.

In 2018, members of the Tec student community had the opportunity to volunteer in actions at different periods.

Furthermore, on May 11, 2016, an agreement was signed focused on developing joint projects to promote the development of the INE’s comprehensive citizenship resources.

On June 22, 2018, they signed another agreement to carry out research, and provide forums, advice, consultancies, courses, diplomas, seminars, and conferences. These were organized with the aim of promoting, developing, and disseminating political-democratic culture, civic education, human rights, and the construction of citizenship.




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