Garza underscored the importance of two significant transformations: the shift towards a green economy and digital transformation.
By Alejandro Navarrete | CONECTA National News Desk - 02/23/2024 Photo Jesús Alejandro Salazar

David Garza, rector and executive president of Tec de Monterrey, outlined educational and social trends and challenges that will guide some of the Tec’s current and future work.

Garza took advantage of the institution’s 2024 Board Meeting to explain how the institution is working to fulfill its social and educational vocation at this time.

“We’re living in changing times. We’re in the midst of technological breakthroughs such as Artificial Intelligence, genomics and quantum computing,” he said.

We’re seeing social, political, and environmental change. At Tec de Monterrey, we have to recognize these challenges and opportunities,” he added.


David Garza, rector y presidente ejecutivo del Tec, habla sobre los retos 2024 del Tec de Monterrey


The Green Economy and Digital Transformation

David Garza said that the institution’s management has focused on two major ongoing transformations: the green economy and digital change.

“I would highlight two of the transformations that are coming: the shift to a green economy and digital transformation,” he remarked.

The shift to a worldwide green economy, he went on to say, would mean adapting to new technologies and the creation of new and different jobs.

He further believes that digital transformation is crucial in today’s world and for the future.

Putting it into perspective, he said, “The pandemic brought forward the arrival of the digital world by almost a decade.”

He explained that, in particular, the mass emergence of artificial intelligence, with all the training and ethical and legal challenges it implies, will be crucial to this challenge.


“I would highlight two relevant transformations: the shift to a green economy and digital transformation.”


Five Challenges the Tec Intends to Take On

Given this panorama, and in recognition of the fact that more trained talent is needed to take on these challenges, Garza explained that the Tec is focusing on the following five aspects, among others:

  • High-impact Research

Garza reported that the Tec, as it has in the past, will continue to place great emphasis on supporting research and graduate participation.

He pointed out that the focus is actually on high-impact research.

The purpose of this is to respond to global change, stimulate the economy, and improve people’s quality of life.

  • Strength of the Tec and Tecmilenio

He explained that the Tec also intends to take advantage of the strength it gets from being a group of institutions with significant nationwide presence.

In this regard, it will be a priority to take advantage of the potential of both Tecnológico de Monterrey and its sister university, Tecmilenio.

This will make it possible to provide more people with high quality education that will help them get prepared for the challenges of the future.

  • Lifelong Learning

Another key issue, Garza added, is the promotion of an increasing number of lifelong education programs.

Garza explained that phenomena such as nearshoring in Mexico or the emergence of artificial intelligence in the world will force people to constantly seek further training.

Thus, people must be provided with many continuing education options that go beyond undergraduate and graduate degrees.

  • Use and Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, due to its impact and educational innovation DNA, Garza believes that the Tec should become a leading institution in artificial intelligence use, research, and training.

“We’re living through a change of era and AI is going to alter many aspects of our society. We must prepare ourselves for a world in which artificial intelligence and humans live together.

  • Strengthening Health Care

Garza also stressed the goal of strengthening TecSalud: the Tec de Monterrey health system and hospitals.

He announced the construction of the new health sciences campus, which will enhance medical, academic, and research coordination.

David Garza, Rector and Executive President of the Tec, wrapped up by emphasizing that the Tec is always seeking constant evolution and to maintain its educational purpose in the best possible way.



The Tec Board of Directors Meeting and a Message from the Chairman of the Board

The chairman of the Tec de Monterrey Board of Directors, Ricardo Saldívar, welcomed the institution’s board members to its annual meeting.

Saldívar also commented on some of the institution’s objectives.

These objectives seek to improve academic quality, tackle social problems, and consolidate the Tec’s global presence,” he said.

The annual board meeting brings together autonomous advisors from all Tec campuses, who meet to learn about the state of the institution and its progress.







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