The TecSalud Health Sciences Campus will be the first private academic health center in Mexico and Latin America.
By Lorena Morales y Mónica Torres | CONECTA NATIONAL NEWS DESK - 02/21/2024 Photo TecSalud, Alessandra Meneses

Tec de Monterrey has announced the Health Sciences Campus, which will provide health care to high standards of quality and safety.

This was highlighted by Guillermo Torre, Rector of TecSalud and Vice President of Research, during the launch ceremony.

He remarked that it will be the first private Academic Health Center in Mexico and Latin America, which will incorporate the teaching of health professionals, offer medical care, and scientific research facilities.



The new campus will include the Zambrano Hellion Hospital (which will be expanded), the new site of School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and eleven research institutes and laboratories.

Per TecSalud’s vision, Torre noted that the campus’ impact is not limited solely to the institution but extends throughout the country and will shift the current health care paradigm.

“If we become leaders in care and teaching, others will want to emulate us. That will lead to a multiplier effect,” Torre said in an interview with CONECTA.


Develación de la placa del nuevo Campus Ciencias de la Salud del Tec de Monterrey


A space for science and advanced medicine

The Health Sciences Campus will house the new site of the School of Medicine.

There will be two buildings covering over 30,000 square meters, which will house more than thirty classrooms and twelve laboratories.

Completion of work on the new School of Medicine site is planned for the second semester of 2026.

Torre emphasized that beyond having physical spaces equipped with technology, it is important that talented people will be able to work together.

“The most important part, learning, will happen because three groups (students, doctors, and researchers) will be in the same environment and working on solutions to the same problems.”


Panel durante el lanzamiento del nuevo Campus de Ciencias de la Salud


Expansion of the Zambrano Hellion Hospital

As part of this project, the Zambrano Hellion Hospital will undergo changes in its infrastructure which will result in a 50% increase in its care provision.

The expansion project includes:

  • An increase from 6 to 8 operating theaters
  • It will go from 115 to 179 rooms.
  • The number of consultation rooms will increase from 203 to 295.
  • The number of beds will go up from 110 to 179.

In addition, three floors of offices in the existing tower will be refurbished to house the Institute of Digestive Health, the Institute of Cardiology, and the Institute of Surgery.

According to the plans shared, this evolution of the hospital will not affect its operation, as the expansion will be focused on improving the efficiency, quality, and capacity of medical specialty services.

Expansion work at the Zambrano Hellion Hospital is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2025.





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