Tec de Monterrey has defined 7 strategic initiatives that will help focus its priorities
By Lorena Morales | CONECTA National News Desk - 03/16/2021 Photo Udell Jiménez

Improving on the institution’s talent, creating world-leading research centers, and working on sustainability are some of the actions that Tec de Monterrey has defined in its 2025 Strategic Plan.

David Garza, rector and CEO of Tec, alongside other executives, explained this to the Tec community in a virtual talk.

The plan is a part of the vision for 2030, which can be summarized as “leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship for human development”.

“We wanted to evaluate what we want halfway through, what we should focus on specifically: that is our 2025 Strategic Plan,” the rector explained.

Garza announced that the 7 initiatives that form Tec de Monterrey’s 2025 Strategic Plan are:

1. Looking for top talent

2. Promoting research, innovation, and entrepreneurship

3. Strengthening the Tec21 Educational Model

4. Ecosystems built on relationships, connections, and learning

5. Global Tec

6. An environment focused on human development

7. Enabling transformation


Garza explained that the first 4 initiativesare going to demand the greatest amount of energy, attention from leaders, and institutional resources.



Apuesta por el talento es una de las acciones del Plan Estratégico 2025 del Tec de Monterrey


1. Looking for top talent

In the presentation, Juan Pablo Murra, rector of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies said that, as part of this strategy, the institution will seek to attract world-leading (top notch) professors who will inspire the rest of the community.

“This will improve the Tec’s academic and research abilities, in addition to raising the prestige and positioning of our institution,” said Murra.

Another plan is to get the best students from different backgrounds and promote a world-class environment.


2. Promoting research, innovation and entrepreneurship

This initiative will allow the Tec to contribute to solving society’s most difficult problems, said Guillermo Torre, rector of Tec Salud and vice president for research.

“We will promote interdisciplinary research through centers bringing together our undergraduate and graduate students and professors, researchers, companies, and governments.

These centers will work on important social issues and will take advantage of the Tec’s strengths to be able to generate new knowledge and innovative solutions,” explained Torre.


3. Strengthening the Tec21 Educational Model

Promoting the Tec21 Educational Model -which gives students more experience-based learning- has been both innovative and challenging work, said Murra.

Among the actions related to the Tec21 Model that will be undertaken in the coming years are strengthening it through constant evaluation and adjusting its components, explained the rector for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.


El Tec de Monterrey buscará tener campus más globales como parte del Plan Estratégico 2025


4. Ecosystems built on relationships, connections, and learning

3 main projects will form this initiative, explained Hugo Garza, vice president for Strategic Projects.

The first of them will be a new platform for connections, learning, and creation. “This will allow us to promote experiential learning and innovative and entrepreneurial co-creation.”

The evolution of the campus model is the second project within this strategy: each Tec campus will seek to share its successes more collaboratively.

The third relates to the expansion of continuing education. “We will work to make this a more substantial activity within our institutional work through face-to-face, hybrid, and digital programs,” said Murra.


5. Global Tec

The plans for this strategy include working to turn several Tec campuses into “international campuses” with more foreign students and professors, said Rodolfo Rubio, Vice President for Communication and Relations.

“We want to become the most international university in Latin America and, as a result, develop the education of our students as authentic global citizens,” shared Rubio.

“We need to become an increasingly international institution, not only for student mobility, but also because of the Tec’s ranking in different global forums,added the rector and executive president of the Tec.



6. An environment focused on human development

Holistic well-being, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and arts and philanthropic culture projects have been launched to strengthen this strategy, explained Inés Sáenz.

The vice president for inclusion, social impact, and sustainability pointed out that this will encourage the Tec to help Mexico move ahead on important issues.

“The Tec will be able to forge both leadership and commitment beyond the institution through a commitment to its own culture,” said Sáenz.


Acciones para que los campus sean más sustentables forman parte del Plan Estratégico 2025 del Tec de Monterrey.


7. Enabling transformation

The efficient use of resources will allow the other 6 initiatives to become a reality, said Miguel Valle, Vice President of Finance.

We will also work to develop new sources of income, and make high-impact investments, he said.

Similarly, they will require digital experiences with processes and systems focused on individuals, said Hernán García, vice president for Talent and Experience.

The details of each of the 7 initiatives that form the 2025 Strategic Plan can be found on this site, or by downloading the PDF attached to this article.






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