The SuperApp is Tec de Monterrey’s new digital ecosystem, which will enable it to host many services on a single platform.

Can you imagine having access to the campus and all the institution’s services through a single tap on your cell phone? The SuperApp MiTecApp, a new digital ecosystem presented by Tecnológico de Monterrey, now makes this possible.

Designed as a platform to offer a system of mini applications housing different services, the application now aims to make everyday life easier for the Tec community nationwide.

“At the Tec, we’re always working to be leaders in the fields of technology and education; so, it was essential to update ourselves and offer a digital transformation that will facilitate our services and our community’s experience.

“We’re very pleased to announce the launch of this SuperApp, a platform that will allow us to have a physical-digital interaction on our campuses and improve our value-added services,” said David Garza Salazar, Rector and President of Tecnológico de Monterrey.


The national launch of this new digital platform took place on the Monterrey campus.
El lanzamiento nacional de esta nueva plataforma digital se llevó a cabo en el campus Monterrey.


Mitec has evolved into the SuperApp MiTecApp platform and now offers an easy-to-use and accessible mobile experience.

It also aims to be an intuitive, configurable, customizable, intelligent, and secure solution for users.

Among the services and mini-Apps that this platform can include are campus access using a Digital ID, TransporTec, Residences, Parking, TecFood, and BiblioTec, to mention a few.

“We’re beginning to eliminate the digital debt we have accrued with our students; this launch opens up endless possibilities for us.

“It’s the first time that we’re going to manage a relationship channel with students which is sensitive to different contexts, to different people, and to different moments in time. It will give us the possibility of integrating artificial intelligence into the community,” explained Carles Abarca, Vice President of Digital Transformation at the Tec.


“The release represents a 50-year technological leap.” - Daniel Cantú


A multi-service platform


Launched on January 26 in the Main Hall of the Rector’s Building on the Monterrey campus, this SuperApp positions the Tec as the first university in Latin America to develop its own mobile digital platform, said Daniel Cantú, manager of the Tec’s Component Platforms.

The first version of the application is currently enabled for use by winter students at the Monterrey campus.

It is hoped that, starting in February, all Monterrey campus students will have access to it, and it will then be rolled out across other campuses nationwide in the following order:

  • February 2024, regular enrolled students at the Monterrey campus
  • May 2024, students and employees at the Monterrey campus and at PrepaTec schools within the Monterrey Region
  • August 2024, students and employees at the State of Mexico, Chiapas, Cuernavaca, Toluca, Laguna, and Sinaloa campuses
  • Roll-out dates for other campuses are yet to be confirmed.


This new application will allow access to campuses using only a cellphone.
Esta nueva aplicación permitirá el el acceso a los campus haciendo uso únicamente del celular.


The evolution of the Digital ID

One of the most important changes that can be seen in the SuperApp is the transformation of the Digital ID, starting with the simplification of the ID creation process, with it now being remote, immediate, and digital.

Another advantage that this application presents is the ability to access campuses using only a cellphone.

“The Digital ID emerged as a solution during the pandemic in 2020; we were looking for a way to control the public returning to activities and using on-campus facilities,” shared Daniel Cantú.

Starting in 2022, the Digital ID tool migrated from an external platform to one developed and managed by the institution.


“It was essential to update ourselves and offer a digital transformation that will facilitate our services and our community’s experience.” - David Garza


Later, in 2023, the digital ID was replicated for other audiences such as Tec graduates and parents.

“This release represents a 50-year technological leap: a Digital ID to be used across a university in its own App and connected to security systems, which will impact more than 100,000 users.

“We can definitely say that we are pioneering a technological solution at a global level,” added Cantú.


The application will also be available to faculty, employees, Tec graduates, and parents.
Esta aplicación también estará disponible para profesores, colaboradores, EXATEC, así como madres y padres de familia.


SuperApp at the touch of a button


Cantú shared that another of this platform’s objectives is to make daily life easier for the Tec community.

“The advantages of implementing this digital ecosystem include convenience and the low risk of loss.

“That is in addition to greater security, flexibility for ID management, and sustainable processes,” he added.

The application will also be available for faculty, employees, Tec graduates, and parents, all of whom will be able to download it in the coming months.






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