Blitzscaling Academy, from renowned entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linkedin and member of the original board of OpenAI, has signed the agreement with Tec de Monterrey
By Ricardo Treviño | CONECTA National News Desk - 11/15/2023 Photo Alejandro Salazar

The blitzscaling strategy for rapid business growth and scalability will be driven in Mexico and Latin America by Tec de Monterrey.

Via its entrepreneurship platform incMTY, the Tec has signed an agreement with Blitzscaling Academy to offer training programs.

The signing took place at incMTY 2023, the Tec’s annual entrepreneurship fair, and training is expected to begin in 2024.


Blitzcaling Academy founders attended incMTY to sign the agreement.
Los fundadores de Blitzcaling Academy asistieron a incMTY para firmar el acuerdo.


The agreement between incMTY and Blitzscaling Academy

Rogelio de los Santos, President of incMTY, noted that the agreement seeks to create connections between stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and Blitzscaling methodology experts such as Reid Hoffman.

“The idea is that we’re able to bring this to more people and coach them on how to implement strategies with Blitzscaling principles in their plans so they can launch their companies on the market.”

The term was coined by Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and member of the original Open AI board.

Blitzscaling focuses on launching and massively scaling startups at accelerated speed. These types of strategies have been used by companies such as Airbnb and Uber.

Chris Yeh and Jeffrey D. Abbott, co-founders of Blitzscaling Academy, Ulrick Noel, Managing Director of The EGL Institute for Entrepreneurship, and Josué Delgado, Director of incMTY, signed the agreement at the festival’s gala, where Hoffman also participated.


The 3 programs from this agreement with the Tec

During the opening of incMTY, Hoffman addressed the audience and the Tec community to inform them about the institution’s agreement with Blitzscaling Academy.

“Our shared mission is to drive startup growth and encourage investment and innovation, including in the exciting field of artificial intelligence, for everyone’s benefit,” Hoffman said.

Delgado told CONECTA that this partnership means 3 initiatives focused on educating and training students, entrepreneurs, and investors to scale startups using this strategy will be created.

The programs included in the agreement are as follows:

- Blitzscaling for startups and scaleups

Abbott explained that this initiative consists of developing courses or academic content so that students and entrepreneurs get to understand the strategy.

“It’s creating a concept of education to present the concept of Blitzscaling, its methodology, and tools to students and those who have the profile of a (startup) founder,” Abbott said.

- Blitzscaling for investors

Another initiative is aimed at people who invest in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Abbott added.

“This is a concept for angel investors, so that they can also understand this way of thinking; this scaling strategy is very important for entrepreneurs and investors to take that journey together,” he explained.

- Blitzscaling for Artificial Intelligence

The co-founder of Blitzscaling Academy, who was also a visiting professor at the Tec several years ago, said that this initiative merges business with the use of technology.

“This offers an intersection between business strategy and Artificial Intelligence; it’s a new technology in a winner-takes-all market,” Abbott added.

Delgado pointed out that this program will be through initiative development memberships, accelerating the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem.


“Our shared mission is to drive startup growth and encourage investment and innovation.” - Reid Hoffman


Reid Hoffman, creator of the Blitzscaling concept and co-founder of LinkedIn and Open AI, participated in a Q&A session.
Reid Hoffman, creador del concepto Blitzscalling y cofundador de LinkedIn y Open AI, participó en una dinámica respondiendo las preguntas de los asistentes a la gala de la primera noche de incMTY.

Blitzscaling reaches Mexico

The signing of this agreement means the Blitzscaling methodology will reach Mexico’s startup ecosystem via the Tec, with learning programs, technologies, and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

“This scaling technique is not a Silicon Valley secret. It can be applied anywhere in the world, which is why we’re happy to make Blitzscaling available to Tec de Monterrey and its community,” said Yeh.

For his part, Abbott said that any entrepreneur or investor working with a startup can use this strategy to assess their company and find opportunities for improving their business model.

“What we want to foster here is the emergence of more sustainable and high-impact companies in Mexico to improve the lives of everyone here,” said Abbott.

Yeh added that another reason for deciding to bring Blitzscaling to the country is that it will become a key partner in relations with the USA.

“We firmly believe that Mexico is one of the most important future partners of the United States and that Latin America is going to be the region of growth of the next century,” added Yeh.


Rogelio de los Santos, President of incMTY, highlighted the collaboration agreement.
Rogelio de los Santos, presidente de incMTY, destacó el acuerdo de colaboración.

Collaboration beginning in 2024

After the signing of the agreement, programs will start to be implemented as of January 2024 and will be launched in chronological order, said Delgado.

“These programs are going to be generated with the EGL Institute for Entrepreneurship and recruitment and the startup program will be offered via the incMTY platform,” added the incMTY director.

Delgado explained that the startup program will be implemented first, then the investor program, and finally the Artificial Intelligence program.

De los Santos pointed out that he hopes the partnership will lead to the emergence of innovative, scalable companies with technology-driven business models that are competitive on a global level.

“We want the result to be a higher number of scalable companies founded in Mexico that generate jobs, enrich their communities, and solve problems; ones that really have an impact,” added Abbot.

For his part, Hoffman said “Our hope lies in the program courses that we develop together. The aim is to impact the lives of Mexican entrepreneurs and innovators, generating more scalable startups and greater social impact.”



incMTY directors, the Tec’s Eugenio Garza Lagüera Institute of Entrepreneurship, and Blitzscaling Academy celebrated the signing of the collaboration agreement.
Directivos de incMTY, el Instituto de Emprendimiento Eugenio Garza Lagüera del Tec y de Blitzscaling Academy celebraron la firma del acuerdo de colaboración.



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