The Tec’s Vice President of Digital Transformation was invited to the IMF Tech Summit by the International Monetary Fund.
By Ricardo Treviño | CONECTA National News Desk - 11/07/2023 Photo Courtesy FMI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to change our entire society.

This was how Carles Abarca, Vice President of Digital Transformation at Tec de Monterrey, explained the situation to economists from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a special talk.

Abarca was the opening speaker at the IMF Tech Summit, which was held at the organization’s headquarters in Washington D.C.

“(AI) is a revolution in every sense: it will have a huge impact on the economy, on our society, and on the ways in which we work and connect with each other,” he stressed.


The Tec’s Vice President of Digital Transformation gave the talk “AI Revolution: Economic, Operational, and Social Impact” at the IMF Tech Summit.
El vicepresidente de Transformación Digital del Tec fue conferencista invitado del Fondo Monetario Internacional para hablar sobre Inteligencia Artificial en las organizaciones.


His talk was heard by more than 350 in-person and online guests, with whom Abarca also shared the AI initiatives that Tec de Monterrey is implementing.

“It was an honor to have been chosen to open the day, as the IMF contributes to global economic stability and finances economies experiencing the most difficulties,” said the executive.


Adopting AI with ethical focus

Abarca invited the IMF’s economists to reflect on the importance of organizations drawing up their own AI plans and paying special attention to ethical considerations.

“Any technological revolution involves huge opportunities and severe risks: it’s important to have public regulations that prevent this type of technology from being used irresponsibly.”

The Tec executive also presented current applications and the areas in which AI will generate greater progress.


Abarca currently leads the Tec’s Digital Route strategy and was previously Chief Technology Officer at Banco Sabadell in Spain.
Carles Abarca expuso la revolución de la Inteligencia Artificial ante economistas del IMF.

Standout Tec presence at IMF summit

Abarca also presented technological initiatives from Tec de Monterrey at the IMF Tech Summit.

He said that being given the opportunity to attend as a representative of the Tec to talk to economists at the IMF’s headquarters contributes to the reputation the Tec already has worldwide.

“Telling the fund’s economists about TECgpt contributes to reinforcing that reputation and knowledge of this great institution at one of the most prestigious and influential summits.

“We should all be proud that a Tec representative was given the chance to speak for an hour at the IMF’s headquarters,” added Abarca.

He remarked that his ‘calling card’ when he was presented prior to going on stage was a statement by President Joe Biden to the effect that the Tec could be compared with Harvard or Yale.

“(AI) will have a huge impact on the economy, on our society, and on the ways in which we work and connect with each other.”


Carles Abarca gave the talk “AI Revolution: Economic, Operational, and Social Impact” to IMF economists.
Carles Abarca presentó la conferencia inaugural del IMF Tech Summit.

About the International Monetary Fund

The IMF is an international financial organization, of which Mexico has been a member since its foundation in 1944.

As its objective is to achieve sustainable growth for its 190 member countries, it promotes economic policies that strive for financial stability and monetary cooperation.

The IMF’s missions are to further international monetary cooperation, encourage the expansion of international trade, and discourage policies that harm prosperity.

“In the case of the IMF, organizing an event for its economists and inviting an outside expert to talk about AI demonstrates its level of sensitivity to the subject,” explained Abarca.




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