The writer, podcaster, motivational coach, and influencer demonstrated how it is possible to achieve balance in life at INCmty 2022.
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Every entrepreneur needs to find a balance between the pursuit of happiness and success. To do this, former monk Jay Shetty, bestselling writer and content creator, says you need to develop 4 habits.

Shetty gave the inaugural keynote speech at the 10th INCmty entrepreneurship festival, organized by Tec de Monterrey.

“When we change the way we see things, things change. My wish for you is that you leave here healthier and happier,” shared the life coach and creator of the On Purpose podcast.

The 4 habits were described using the acronym TIME, which corresponds to: Thankfulness, Insight, Mindfulness, and Exercise.


Jay Shetty compartió consejos para ser emprendedor feliz y con éxito interior durante INCmty.
Jay Shetty, writer and author of the book “Think Like a Monk,” shared habits that lead to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


1. Being grateful (Thankfulness)

Gratitude doesn’t only improve the lives of the people at whom it is directed, but also of the person who offers it.

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to boost your immune system and deepen your relationships.

“A wonderful thing that science shows us is that while you’re having grateful thoughts it’s impossible for you to be anxious at the same time,” shared Shetty.

He also explained that it’s not just about keeping a gratitude journal, but rather about seeing and practicing gratitude as an important way of giving thanks to people for specific actions.


Jay Shetty compartió en su conferencia magistral algunos consejos para emprendedores en su búsqueda de la felicidad y el éxito.


2. See yourself in positive terms from within (Insight)

Shetty suggested that your mind should be focused on positive things from early in the morning.

Shetty advises not checking your smartphone in the morning. Instead, you should find spaces in which you can be grateful, listen to a positive podcast, or do activities that support a positive mindset.

“You can’t control every thought you have, but you should control your first thought of the day. It’s like a seed that can grow.

“When you get up, read your favorite phrase or your favorite book: transform the first thought of the day,” he explains.


Durante su conferencia magistral, Jay además compartió la necesidad de un balance entre la búsqueda de la felicidad y el éxito


3. Meditate (Mindfulness)

Shetty, a former Hindu monk, also spoke of the benefits that practicing meditation has brought to his life.

It’s like having a meeting with yourself. At the beginning or end of the day, have a 5-minute meeting with yourself and ask yourself one thing: ‘What can I do today to make this a good day?’

“Don’t force yourself to answer, don’t rush it. Sit down and think about what you learned during the day and what you can do to make your day great,” he shared.


INCmty, el festival emprendedor más grande de América Latina organizado por el Tec de Monterrey cumplió 10 años


4. Get moving (Exercise)

Meditating and exercising the mind is important, but it’s just as important to exercise the body and maintain constant physical activity, added the bestselling author.

“I realized that exercise is very important and beneficial for the body. You need to stay energized and active: it helps you work better and think more clearly,” said Shetty.

He also pointed out that entrepreneurs must seek happiness in order to find success.

“If you doubt yourself, if you feel unworthy, if you feel that you’re not as good someone else, or slow, or behind, I’ve come to remind you that you’re not behind, you’re not slow or fast. You’re exactly where you need to be to have the impact you need to have.

“Don’t waste time wanting to be someone else. Don’t get lost along the way,” he told those attending the Tec’s entrepreneurship festival.


El festival tiene una duración de 3 días, en los que se llevarán a cabo más de 200 momentos de networking


More about INCmty 2022 on its tenth anniversary

INCmty, which is the largest entrepreneurial festival in Latin America and is organized by Tec de Monterrey, has celebrated its 10th anniversary.

“During these last 10 years, INCmty has planted a seed of entrepreneurial spirit in lots of people. I’m sure that it’ll continue to transform lives,” said Rogelio de los Santos, President of INCmty.

The festival, which lasts 3 days, includes more than 200 networking moments, offers investment opportunities, and includes the participation of more than 100 international speakers.

This year, the festival returns in-person and will take place from November 15 to 17 at Cintermex, in Monterrey.


Rogelio de los Santos define a INCmty como una comunidad emprendecéntrica.
Rogelio de los Santos defines INCmty as “an entrepreneur-centric community.”





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