The European Commission will support the development of ADAPTATEC, a platform proposed by international Tec students to customize learning and make it inclusive
By Luis Estrada | CONECTA National News Desk - 03/22/2024 Photo Shutterstock, Courtesy

Five Tec de Monterrey exchange students were the global winners of DigiEduHack 2023, the educational innovation hackathon organized by the European Commission.

The students developed ADAPTATEC, a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to help educators propose adaptive and dynamic lessons for their students.

It was also designed to support the education of students with cognitive divergences such as ADHD or autism.

“The Tec is very proud to lead educational innovation through our innovative students,” said Ján Rehák, National Director of the Tec’s Entrepreneurship program.



Alisa Pérez Pakhomova, Sofía Estupiñan, César Chavarri, Johannes Fagerberg, and Valentina Plaza are members of the “Guacamole” team, which participated in DigiEduHack 2023, a European Union initiative to promote innovation in digital education.

After winning the hackathon’s Disruptive Technologies category, they will receive mentoring and be part of an incubation and acceleration program run by the European Commission.


The ADAPTATEC proposal

ADAPTATEC is designed to use Artificial Intelligence (AI), a databank, and data analysis to provide customizable tools for teaching, assessment and feedback.

“It’ll feature a language model similar to ChatGPT that will act as a one-on-one mentor for students, guiding them through difficult questions and explaining theoretical concepts,” says the platform’s datasheet.

Regarding assessment, ADAPTATEC will include factors such as attention skills, processing speed, and sensory sensitivities to provide accurate data on students’ progress.

“The platform aims to help eliminate learning barriers, mainly for students with autism, dyslexia, and ADHD,” says team member Sofía.

The “Guacamole” team members will travel to Brussels, Belgium, to present their proposal.



alumnos ganadores globales de DigiEduHack 2023
The Tec students will travel to Brussels, Belgium, to present their proposal. Photo: Courtesy of Juan César Chavarri Cerna.

About DigiEduHack

DigiEduHack has been held simultaneously in various countries worldwide since 2019 and consists of local 24-hour grassroots hackathons.

It aims to promote innovation, collaboration, and creativity to drive positive change in digital education.

1,685 young people from different parts of the world participated in the 2023 edition, creating 225 proposals.

Rehák pointed out that the Institute for the Future of Education (IFE), the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Institute of Entrepreneurship, and the School of Business brought this competition to four Tec campuses (Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Querétaro) in the November 2023 edition.

He stressed that the Tec was the Latin American host for DigiEduHack in 2023, bringing together 150 participants to compete regionally.

The national director of the Tec’s Entrepreneurship program said that this achievement in DigiEduHack is proof of the Tec’s work and innovation.

“This award gives us global recognition and visibility; it’s a platform that helps demonstrate advances in educational innovation to the world,” he concluded.






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