There are many easy applications for AI, from summarizing books to producing multiple choice questions for exams.
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The first time I used ChatGPT I thanked it, and I was really very grateful: it did something in two minutes that would have taken me two days. Then I understood that it didn’t care if I thanked it or not.”

Harvard Kennedy School professor Dan Levy shared this with Tec professors during the “Technology and Teaching” workshop organized by Tec de Monterrey’s School of Government and Public Transformation.

His first recommendation was to visit, register, and interact with it as you would in any WhatsApp chat.

Here are 5 easy ways to use artificial intelligence in classes:


inteligencia artificial para profesores

1. Use it to highlight the key points in books

ChatGPT can help you find the key points in books or papers.

-        The first thing you should do is make sure it has access to the text you want a summary for; ask it if it has access to the book and author you want to use.

-        If it doesn’t have it, you can upload the text in the chat and ask it for a summary.

-        Then ask it to give you the key points of the text.

“You can use the results to shorten your class presentations or help reinforce a reading you left for homework.”


2. You can generate multiple choice questions about readings

You can also generate questions about the most important parts of a text. Once you have the key points of the reading, ask it for the following:

(Prompt): Give me 5 multiple choice questions identifying the correct answer, and briefly explain why it is the correct answer.

“The results will save you a lot of time and often surprise you. I use it to give students quizzes on books that were left as homework and even to make exams.”




3. Ask it which questions students ask the most about a given topic

You can also use it to be more prepared for class. For example, you can ask it the questions that students ask most frequently about a particular topic.


4. Ask it for ideas about how to make your classes more dynamic

This tool also helps make your classes more fun. For example, you could write the following:

(Prompt): I want to make my international economics class more dynamic; give me some exercises, games, or resources to achieve that.

“I’ve used it several times and it’s given me fun resources such as videos or exercises for topics that other colleagues have explained through lectures.”


5. Get new readings for your classes

Lastly, you can ask it to suggest new readings for any topic. The idea is to input the specific topic, so you get texts that are close to what you are looking for.

But, as with everything, you must confirm that what it gives you is correct: “it often cites papers that don’t exist.”

These are some ways ChatGPT can be used by beginners, but you can always mix it up or come up with new ways to use it in the classroom.


inteligencia artificial en el aula


About the “Technology and Teaching” workshop

The “Technology and Teaching” workshop was organized by Tec de Monterrey’s School of Government and Public Transformation.

Miguel Ángel Santos, national dean of the school, explained that one of the objectives of this workshop was to discuss the use of technology as a tool which promotes more effective teaching, as well as to learn about the latest innovations in education.

As a school and individually, we want to engage in collective reflections about the teaching tools and strategies we use.”

Over the course of two days, more than 30 Tec de Monterrey professors received training from Professor Dan Levy on educational strategies and technological tools which can improve and deepen student learning in the classroom.

Dan Levy is the faculty director of the Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence initiative at Harvard Kennedy School.

He is passionate about studying the teaching and learning process, which is why he was selected to train the teachers.

“It’s important to design a creative teaching process so that it gets students involved and opens up the possibility of a memorable learning experience,” remarked the dean.




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