Presenting the Strategic Plan for 2025, TecSalud’s oriGen program, and attending the global climate conference were a few significant events for the Tec this year.
By Ricardo Treviño | CONECTA National News Desk - 12/28/2021

The Borregos returning to ONEFA, partnerships for research and environmental care, new spaces for development, and its positioning in global university rankings were among the most important Tec de Monterrey news in 2021.

In his end-of-year message, David Garza, rector and executive president of the Tec, reflected on the experiences we’ve been through in 2021 and closing the year with the possibility that people can once again meet in person with their loved ones.

“The conditions are different now. We can have better experiences thanks to advances in science. Based on what we’ve experienced and learned in 2021, we must work in 2022 on the three ‘r’s: restart, rebuild, and restore.

“In these 21 months, we’ve realized what really matters and how valuable interaction with people is. In 2022, we will hopefully continue to learn and discover the importance of everyday life and giving the best of ourselves,” said the rector.

At CONECTA, we present some of the Tec events that reverberated the most in this last year:


The Tec’s Plan for 2025

In March 2021, the Tec presented its Strategic Plan for 2025, which is part of fulfilling the institution’s 2030 vision to promote “leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship for human flourishing.” Its 7 initiatives are: 

  1. Looking for top talent
  2. Promoting research, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  3. Strengthening the Tec21 Educational Model
  4. Ecosystems built on relationships, connections, and learning
  5. Global Tec
  6. An environment focused on human flourishing
  7. Enablers of transformation


Deciphering the Mexican genome 

In early October, TecSalud, Tec de Monterrey’s health system, launched the oriGen initiative, a study to decipher the Mexican genome and accurately understand the genetic components associated with the most common diseases in the country.

The project consists of sequencing 100,000 Mexicans’ DNA with the goal of finding real solutions to the most important health issues in Mexico.


Guillermo Torre, rector de TecSalud y vicepresidente de Investigación del Tec, junto a Luis Alonso Herrera, director del Instituto Nacional de Medicina Genómica (INMEGEN).
Guillermo Torre, rector of TecSalud and vice president of research at the Tec, and Luis Alonso Herrera, director of the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN), agreed to work together on the oriGen project.


Actions to fight climate change

In April 2021, the Tec presented its Sustainability and Climate Change Plan for 2025, containing actions to tackle the global climate emergency.

In June, the institution joined other leading universities in signing the Hamburg Declaration 2021. In October, the Tec participated in a call for Latin American leaders to join the Race to Zero initiative.


Center for Conscious Capitalism

Tec de Monterrey inaugurated the Conscious Enterprise Center (CEC) within the EGADE Business School and the School of Business.

Raj Sisodia, leader of the global conscious capitalism movement, joined the institution to advise the center and to take up a position as a distinguished professor.



El Tec inauguró el Centro de Empresas Conscientes.
The Tec inaugurated the Conscious Enterprise Center with Raj Sisodia, leader of the global conscious capitalism movement, as one of its advisors.


Positioning in global rankings

For the fifth consecutive year, the Tec was ranked among the top 200 universities in the world, placed 161st according to the QS World University Rankings 2022. In September, the Tec reached 26th in the world in the Graduate Employability Rankings 2022.

In November, it was reported that the Tec ranked 6th in The Princeton Review’s Top 10 ranking, which evaluates the best universities that offer undergraduate entrepreneurship programs.


Research partnerships

The Tec and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) signed a collaboration agreement to bolster the country’s scientific and technological ecosystem. In August 2021, they committed to contributing 10 million pesos to research projects.

In October, the institution and the University of Cantabria in Spain announced a collaboration to create Hub Comillas, a space in which both institutions will work on joint innovation and research projects.


Opening new spaces

In June 2021, the Tec began to hold classes in rooms with immersive technology to transmit virtual courses, known as Hall Immersive Rooms, as part of the reconfiguration of spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tec’s Mexico City campus presented its Library and Building I, and the Monterrey campus presented its Wellness Center and new Central Park


The Borregos return to ONEFA

In October 2021, it was announced that ONEFA would reunify after a decade of 2 leagues (ONEFA and CONADEIP) for university football. This meant the return of Tec de Monterrey’s Borregos to the league.

After inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Borregos Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico, Puebla, and Toluca players participated in the Big 14 Conference, which began activities on November 5.


Los representativos de Borregos Monterrey, Guadalajara, México, Puebla y Toluca participaron en la ONEFA después de una década.
Borregos Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico, Puebla, and Toluca participated in ONEFA after a decade away.


New laboratories with molecular technology

In February 2021, the Tec inaugurated its Tec BASE Genomic Sequencing Laboratory in partnership with FEMSA. This is a space that seeks to assist academic institutions and private industry in their research projects.

That same month saw the presentation of the Wastewater Monitoring Laboratory (MARTEC), which seeks to provide early detection of COVID-19 outbreaks or multiple infections at Tec facilities.





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