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By CONECTA News Desk - 05/20/2021

Now that you are starting or continuing your path as a Tecnológico de Monterrey student, we know that you want to find out all there is to know about the Tec.

CONECTA (the Tec’s news service), presents these 10 things about your new place of study.


1.- In the Top 5 in Latin America and in Top 200 in the world.

You’re not reading it wrong. Tec de Monterrey is one of the best 200 universities in the world. In fact, it occupies 178th place in the world and 5th place in Latin America, according to the most prestigious rankings.

Rectoría renovada del Tecnológico de Monterrey


2.- There are 25 campuses in addition to yours.

There are 26 Tec de Monterrey campuses throughout Mexico.

This means that if you ever decide to travel the country, there will surely be a campus near you. You can even challenge your friends and be the first one to visit the other 25 campuses.

Tec de Monterrey


3.- 6 schools and hundreds of degree paths.

The Tec has six schools and you’re studying at one of them: Humanities, Engineering, Business, Medicine, Architecture, and Social Sciences and Government.

What’s more, with the new Career Model and the Tec21 Educational Model, it may be even easier to start thinking about one degree and finish with another concentration.



4.- Say goodbye to the classes of old.

In fact, the Tec is transforming its educational model, and you’re part of this transformation.

The TEC21 Model allows you to learn through experienced-based challenges outside the classroom. From the very first semester, you’ll experience the Human Touch in Entrepreneurship Challenge  and iWeek every year.




5.- Let’s fly away!

We want you to learn about the world, because we know that there’s a new learning opportunity in every trip. That’s why the Tec has forged partnerships with 586 universities from 48 countries.

In addition, there are more than five thousand foreign students on our campuses.





6.- You don’t just come to the Tec, you experience the Tec.

Get the most out of what LiFE has to offer you. LiFE is the new student life training model, which has hundreds of options to get actively involved in university life.

Choose to form part of that group which practices in the afternoons, improve your diet, take part in an activity. Experience your university to the max!



7.- A secret key to all your homework.

Regardless of the campus you go to, you have access to two million volumes in the Tec’s Digital Library, where you’ll find trustworthy and verified information for your work.


Biblioteca de Monterrey


8.- Athletic Borregos (Rams)

Now that you’re at the Tec, you’re a Ram, and the Rams always give their all at any competition, including sports.

We at the Tec are currently the college American football champions (Toluca Campus), among other sports, and our athletes recently won several medals at the Central American and Pan American University Games. Feel proud!



9.- A place of art and culture.

Art and culture are fundamental to the Tec. Although we don’t offer a formal degree in areas such as dramatic arts or music, our programs are of the highest quality and we’ve had many successful graduates in this field.

We also have great cultural jewels, such as our own art museum, as well as organizing the Monterrey Book Fair.

Arte en el Tec


10.- From senior high school to a doctorate.

If you come from a PrepaTec, you already know this, but if you didn’t, you should know that the Tec also has 37 PrepaTec campuses throughout the country.

What’s more, when you finish your degree, you have dozens of options to study a master’s and a doctorate, including online alternatives.




P.S. One more thing. This year, Tec de Monterrey celebrates its 75th birthday! So, enjoy this special anniversary.




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